Project Description

Physical exercise is beneficial at any time. It helps to have more energy, releases toxins, improves physical endurance and relaxes. It also promotes attention and concentration and strengthens the cognitive abilities of the brain.

Through our activities we will encourage teamwork of students. Within a group with students from different countries, communication is essential. The vehicular language is Spanish. The context is the game. The goal is to learn more and better.

Our academy designs recreational and educational activities where the students of the Spanish course will be able to learn the concepts of the language in a practical and amusing way.

Valencia enjoys the best climate in Europe which gives us the opportunity to do all this outdoors, with the benefits that this entails.

Enjoy Spain!

Bike tour

The area of Valencia and its surroundings is practically flat. It is an ideal place for bicycle tours.

We have designed a set of routes, inside and outside the city, in which we will discover places with real charm.

The following routes are proposed:

  • The centre of Valencia.
  • Turia River and beach.
  • Route through the orchard.
  • The Albufera and the Saler.

These complementary exercises to the Spanish course will help us to work on communication and debate with the students.

Are you ready?


Football matches

Do you like football? Ready for a great match? Let’s have fun playing football.

Among the values that football brings to students who are studying, our Spanish course in Valencia, we have companionship, respect for differences, leadership, discipline, respect for rules, strategic thinking, humility and handling of frustration.

Mixed teams of all levels and different nationalities face each other in a very peculiar tournament. A playful-educational tournament.

Shall we play?


Beach Volleyball

When the weather is good, once the Spanish language classes are over, how about going to the beach?

Valencia has sports facilities on all its beaches and an incredible weather that will allows us to have a great time.

We are going to lear the typical language of communication between teammates and also work on concepts related to sport.

Are you in?



What could be better than having fun with your Spanish classmates and play bowling together?

In this activity we will go to one of the typical bowling alleys of Valencia where we will spend a pleasant moment in a different context.


In a game of paintball two teams face each other in order to eliminate all players from the opposing team or reach the goal (such as capturing the flag or eliminating a particular player, the boss).

We use official protections to ensure the safety of our students.

Pure adrenaline combined with teamwork and communication.

That is how we lear!

Laser game

We’re talking about a sports game that simulates a match between two teams. It is based on players trying to score points by reaching with their infrared triggers receiver devices located in their rivals.

There are multiple types of games (capturing the flag, destroying the enemy base, scoring points, etc.)

We use official protections to ensure the safety of our students.

Complementary activity to learn in a different way in the Spanish course in Valencia.

Aim, shoot and run!



What does yoga offer us?

It improves student concentration, increases motivation and reduces pain and stress.

It favors intellectual development, it increases memory and attention in the classroom.

Spanish classes like you’ve never seen before.



Join Get Up Spain and learn spanish having fun!

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