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A course designed for all people interested in learning Spanish, from any level and with guaranteed learning.

How is the general Spanish course?

Our proposal is to offer you a course of a more relaxed intensity, allowing you to enjoy Valencia and its surroundings. A course that leaves you enough free time to live the unique experience of living in Valencia.

We offer you a course of 20 lessons per week, of about 55 minutes each. A Spanish program that covers all the levels established by CEFR, i.e. A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2.

In addition, you will have a complete programme of complementary activities, proposed by Get Up Idiomas on a weekly basis, in which you will interact with students of other nationalities while discovering the charms of the Mediterranean climate.

The general Spanish course covers very varied areas, with very different subjects, but covering practically all the situations in which you may find yourself immersed. You will advance in your mastery of Spanish, counting from the first day with the support of a leading agency in the teaching of Spanish for foreigners such as Get Up.

Our methodology is based on the adaptation of each student to their specific class, to ensure that all students progress smoothly. Thanks to a Spanish level test on your arrival, we will know where you are in the Spanish language and we will enroll you in the class that best suits your needs and possibilities.

What will this general Spanish course give me?

From the beginning you will be living the culture and the way of being Spanish. You will share unique experiences with students of other nationalities. You will enjoy a unique environment, with a privileged climate and an incredible range of leisure and cultural activities.

But if there is something this course brings you, it is personal and professional enrichment. A breadth of mind, fostered by a stay in Spain, knowing first hand the culture and idiosyncrasy of the country.

General Spanish Course

The general Spanish program covers almost all areas involving everyday situations. In the course the main skills of the Spanish language are fostered:

  • Oral comprehension
  • Written comprehension
  • Oral expression
  • Written Expression

In addition, the active participation of all students is encouraged from the outset. Teachers propose topics in which all students should participate in an active way, enriching the class and making it much more dynamic.

The courses consist of 20 weekly lessons of about 55 minutes each. During this time, in addition to a theoretical part, students will have a part oriented to development and communicative fluency.

The teaching team is supported at all times by the latest generation of didactic support elements, such as sound equipment and interactive whiteboards. In this way, students feel more attracted and are able to get more attention.

All our teachers have specific qualifications in teaching Spanish as a foreign language. He also has a wealth of experience. But if anything characterizes all of our teachers, it’s their high level of involvement. Only in this way is it possible to achieve the objectives set.

What is the Spanish language school like?

We have a modern center, with classrooms equipped with the latest technology to support teaching.

Our academy is located in a strategic point of the city. Very close to the main historical and neuralgic sites of the population.

At the school you’ll have:

  • Wi Fi
  • Spacious classrooms
  • Small library freely accessible to all enrolled students
  • Multimedia room
  • Common area for interacting with other students

What level and age do I have to be in order to register?

Our general Spanish program is designed to accommodate students of all levels. Thanks to our previous selective system, we include each student in the corresponding class, in order to guarantee an optimal and consistent learning with their level.

In terms of age, our proposal is that the student should be at least 17 years old.

Does this Spanish course include complementary activities?

Of course I do. Get Up offers a complete weekly program of complementary activities to which the students of the school can register freely and in a totally optional way.

Most of these activities are free and others have a really low cost.

Among the activities and excursions we highlight, as an example and depending on the starting dates of the course:

  • Beach volleyball
  • Guided tours of Valencia
  • Bicycle rides through points of interest
  • Gastronomic tastings: paella day
  • Attendance at sporting events
  • Theatre, cinema, etc.
  • 1 full day excursion on weekends
  • Nightly stays in pubs

What will my accommodation be like during this Spanish course?

We offer you various types of accommodation, adapted to your needs and possibilities.

Accommodation in residence

You will have all kinds of comforts, being able to lodge in shared or individual room, according to your preferences. As with homestay, you will have half board accommodation.

The independence that the residence offers you is the strong point of this type of accommodation.

Homestay Accommodation

It is a way of making a deeper linguistic immersion. But it is also a chance to enrich yourself both culturally and mentally, opening yourself completely to another culture and getting to know the Spanish way of life first hand.

You can stay with a Spanish family, specially selected for you. Accommodation will be half board, i.e. breakfast and dinner will be served. Lunch will be served at an establishment close to the school or at the school itself.

Accommodation in apartment

Both shared and individual. Always adapted to your needs. A formula for total independence.

What will I get with this general Spanish course?

The general Spanish program offers the possibility of taking a Spanish course at the same time that the student has free time to interact with other students and enjoy a privileged environment such as Valencia.

The course is characterized by:

  • 20 Spanish lessons per week
  • Accommodation in family, residence, apartment or even hotel, depending on the option chosen.
  • Programme of complementary activities
  • Weekend excursions
  • 24-hour emergency phone number
  • Supervisor Get Up Languages
  • Certificate of Attendance and Course Achievement
  • Ages 17 and over
  • Start every Monday of the year
  • The course starts every Monday of the year, so it’s a perfect formula for you to enroll at the best time for you.

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