Project Description

A Spanish program designed exclusively for students who are benefiting from the European Erasmus program. A great opportunity for personal and professional development.

What is the Erasmus Get Up course?

The Erasmus Plus programme falls within the framework of the European regulations that grant subsidies within the sports, educational, training and youth spectrum. Basically, it is a great opportunity for professional development. But it also possesses an extraordinary ability to contribute greatly to the personal development of its participants.

Get Up puts at the disposal of all participants of this programme a set of activities and experiences aimed at achieving a deep knowledge of Spain – fundamentally its language, its culture and the way of life or of ‘being Spanish’.

Our objective is to ensure that a student of Spanish is able to function with complete ease in real situations, enriching themselves from all points of view.

Our Spanish programme for Erasmus starts every Monday of the year. We are constantly forming groups, so the student will have a course when they need it.

Are there subsequent course costs?

We include all the necessary academic material in our programmes, so you are not subjected to additional course costs.

You can participate optionally in our activities and excursions. Most of them are free of charge, however some of the excursions have an additional affordable cost negotiated to maximise involvement.

What is the difference between this Spanish course and Erasmus?

Our programme has an added value. From the beginning we base our teaching method on the maximum group participation and interaction. The groups are very small with maximum number of students set at 8 to 10 per class.

The facilitation of maximum speaking practice in real situations is our main aim. To this end we consistently offer participation in activities and excursions. The inter-personal interaction of students is fundamental so that optimum progress in communicative fluency is ensured.

What is the Spanish course for Erasmus like?

The Spanish course for Erasmus consists of a completely flexible configuration of lessons as we adapt to your needs and possibilities. Our Erasmus students usually stay for various lengths of time – usually from 3 to 10 months  – in Valencia so Get Up adapts to every circumstance offering the lessons and programme that each student wishes. Our schedules are therefore   very variable with morning or afternoon schedules depending on the specific needs.

Lessons are spread throughout the week. You will be able to choose the number of weekly lessons you wish to receive. Please note that the approximate duration of each lesson is approximately 1 hour. Our advice is to take a minimum of between 2 to 4 lessons per day, supplementing them with the parallel activities that we propose weekly.

The educational methodology seeks to cover the main areas and skills of the Spanish language:

  • Written Compression
  • Oral comprehension
  • Written Expression
  • Oral expression

What are the Spanish teachers like?

Our teaching team is made up of professionals who teach Spanish as a foreign language. They possess accredited qualifications,  proven experience and are tasked to motivate our students to take great advantage of our parallel activities in which all – students, teachers and activities leaders – are all guaranteed to join in the fun.

What is the Spanish Academy like?

Our school is located strategically in the city. Close to the centre and very close to the main places of interest.

This is a modern academic centre equipped with all kinds of comforts and the latest technology completely dedicated to the business of language teaching.

In the academy you will have:

  • Wi Fi
  • Multimedia room
  • Small library freely accessible to the school’s students
  • Common area for students to interact
  • Equipped, spacious and brightly lit classrooms
  • Complete programme of weekly activities.

What activities are available with this Spanish course?

We offer a very complete programme of activities aimed at promoting effective communication between students. The activities and excursions are of a socio-cultural nature, and there are also sports-related activities:

  • Theatre attendance
  • Cinema
  • Evening outings in city pubs
  • Beach Day
  • Full day excursions at weekends
  • Sporting events
  • Sports activities: football, beach volleyball, bicycle rides, etc.
  • Guided visits to museums
  • City Tour

Is it possible to have accommodation with this Spanish course for Erasmus?

Of course. Get Up offers you the possibility of accommodation that best suits your needs. We especially recommend two types of accommodation for this Spanish course:

Homestay accommodation

The formula that allows you to experience complete immersion in the language and culture of Spain. You will live in a Spanish family and share your day-to-day life with them with half board accommodation.

In addition, and based on our experience, you will establish a close bond of friendship that will extend far beyond your stay in Valencia.

Accommodation in residence

This alternative gives you greater independence enabling you to make friends from other nationalities, also have a half-board accommodation. You will have access to a laundry service, common area, small cafeteria, Wi Fi, etc.

Both proposals can be equally advantageous and will help you to perfect your level of Spanish.

What characteristics summarize this Spanish course for Erasmus?

A Spanish course for Erasmus students, designed to perfect your Spanish while enjoying your Erasmus scholarship. You will enjoy Valencia, make friends and open up your professional horizon.

In this Spanish course for Erasmus you can count on:

  • Specific Spanish course for the duration of your stay with tailor-made classes
  • Accommodation in a host family or residence depending on the option chosen
  • Comprehensive programme of complementary activities
  • Wi Fi
  • A full day excursion optional at weekends
  • Certificate of Attendance and Course Achievement
  • Start any Monday of the year
  • Ages 18 and over
  • Small groups

Make the most of your stay in Valencia. Learn, enjoy and make friends of other nationalities. Strengthen your professional curriculum while immersing yourself in Spanish culture in a fun and dynamic way. Take advantage of the information, advice and guidance offered by a great team of professionals.

Join Get Up Spain and learn spanish having fun!

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