Project Description

A Spanish course designed for you to learn and advance your knowledge of the language in an extraordinarily fast and effective way.

What are the features of the Super Intensive Spanish Course?

A programme specially designed to empower you to improve your command of Spanish in a fast and efficient way. It is programme that follows a dynamic methodology through full participation in class, enhancing the main linguistic skills and conversational competence in the language.

The course is designed for students of Spanish who need to improve and advance in the mastery of the language in record time.

One of the most important points of the programme is its ready adaptation to the different entry levels students and in with small groups all the participants are given every opportunity to advance to the same rhythm.

Our teachers are highly qualified, experienced and highly motivated in teaching Spanish as a foreign language. The dynamic methodology is the key to the success of Get Up’s Spanish programs.

You will have the possibility, according to your needs, of staying in different accommodations from a family to, if you wish, a hotel, an apartment or a residence.

What will the super intensive Spanish course bring me?

In addition to a very extensive knowledge of the Spanish language, this course will give you the opportunity to enrich yourself culturally, broaden your professional horizons and develop your communication skills with people of other nationalities.

On the other hand, it will allow you to get to know Valencia, one of the most admired Mediterranean regions visited annually by thousands of discerning tourists. A unique environment with an extraordinary wealth of culture, gastronomy and history.

But, if that is not enough, you will have countless activities and excursions at your fingertips, so that you can decide for yourself in which you wish to participate.

Learn, live and have a unique experience.

The super-intensive program boosts learning at a high pace. Our advice is that you should have an intermediate level of Spanish in order to make the most of this programme, however, students at all levels of language proficiency can be enrolled.  Upon arrival all students are assessed by means of a Spanish level test in order to assign an appropriate class.

What is the content of the Super Intensive Spanish Course?

This super intensive Spanish course has a total of 30 lessons per week. The duration of the lessons is approximately 55 minutes.

The program that has a theoretical part of 20 lessons where the focus is on Spanish in Use or accuracy, to which we add 10 more lessons in which the communicative approach is taken to focus on fluency and so verbal dexterity.

As for the theoretical part, students will work on the main language skills:

  • Oral comprehension
  • Written comprehension
  • Oral expression
  • Written Expression

To this set of Spanish language skills we add weekly 10 lessons in which the teacher introduces general and specific topics taken advantage of authentic learning materials designed to encourage maximum student participation in small class sizes with a maximum of approximately 10 students per group.

Does this Spanish course have complementary activities?

Of course. Get Up offers a complete weekly program of complementary activities to which the students of the centre will be able to register in a totally optional way.

Most of these activities are free and others are offered at a reduced rate.

Among the activities and excursions that we can highlight depending on the start date of the course include:

  • Beach volleyball
  • Guided tours of Valencia
  • Bicycle tours through areas of special interest
  • Gastronomic tasting experiences: e.g. a paella day
  • Attendance at sporting events
  • Theatre, cinema, etc.
  • 1 full day excursion on weekends
  • Nightly guides to bars and pubs

On the other hand, it is important to note that this course has a very flexible duration. Students will be able to take a course with at least one week’s duration, extending for as long as they consider appropriate.

At the end of the course, students receive a certificate of attendance that accredits their participation and achievement in class for this super intensive Spanish course.

This course is aimed at students aged 17 and over who wish to extend their mastery of the Spanish language.

What is the teaching centre of this course like?

Our academy has all kinds of comforts. We habitually use the latest technologies to support language teaching at centre with:

  • Wi Fi
  • Multimedia room
  • Common area
  • Small library freely accessible to the students
  • Spacious classes, perfect for the course

Where will I stay during this Spanish course?

We offer you various types of accommodation, adapted to your needs and possibilities.

Homestay accommodation

You can stay with a Spanish family, especially selected for you. Accommodation will be half board, i.e. breakfast and dinner will be served. Lunch will be served at an establishment close to the school or at the school itself.

This is a way of making a deeper linguistic immersion. But it is also a chance to enrich yourself both culturally and linguistically, opening yourself up to another culture and getting to know the Spanish way of life at first hand.

Accommodation in residence

The independence that the residence offers you is the strong plus for this type of accommodation. You will have all kinds of comforts, being able to lodge in a shared or individual room, according to your preferences. As with homestay, you will have half board accommodation.

Accommodation in an apartment

Both shared and individual. Always adapted to your needs. An option for full independence.

What will I get with this super intensive Spanish course?

If you are looking for a Spanish course that allows you to advance in the mastery of the language in a fast and efficient way, while enjoying a unique and privileged environment, whilst sharing experiences with students of other nationalities, this programme, without a doubt, is the perfect option.

The course has:

  • 30 Spanish lessons per week
  • Accommodation in family, residence, apartment or even hotel, depending on the option chosen.
  • Programme of complementary activities
  • Weekend excursions
  • 24-hour emergency phone number
  • Get Up Languages Supervisor
  • Course Certificate of Attendance and Achievement
  • Ages 17 and over
  • Starts every Monday of the year

The course starts every Monday of the year, so it’s a perfect formula for you to enrol at the best time for you.

Join Get Up Spain and learn spanish having fun!

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