Project Description

A Spanish program designed for legal professionals who wish to broaden their professional horizons.

What is a Spanish course for lawyers and jurists?

This is a program aimed at achieving a fluent mastery of the specific vocabulary used in legal language.

Our objective will be to develop the student’s skills in the professional interrelation, that is, in debates and presentations that require a great linguistic fluency.

We are talking about a Spanish law course in which many areas related to the sector are addressed. From commercial law to civil law, including international law and property law.

In addition, all Spanish courses for lawyers and jurists provide a study of the legal system in Spain. It is a great added value, as this will allow our students to establish a line of business with their clients by offering them legal advice in which the Spanish regulations are involved.

Who is this course for?

The program has a clear legal orientation. Mastery of the Spanish language in the legal sector is essential for lawyers, jurists in general, university students and, in short, all actors in the legal system.

One of the main strengths of this programme is the ability to expand professional goals for all students participating in it.

In order to make the most of the course, it is highly recommended to have at least an average level of knowledge of Spanish. Only in this way can we guarantee that the student of the course will be able to master the language fluently at the end of the program.

Does the Spanish course for lawyers have any extra costs?

No. All our prices are stipulated from the beginning, so that there is no surprise or extra cost later.

We prepare a budget totally tailored to your needs and possibilities, always attending to your indications from the beginning.

How is the Spanish course for lawyers and jurists in general?

Our Spanish for Lawyers program covers the main linguistic areas of legal professional language. In addition, we provide added value by offering a complete overview of the characteristics of Spanish legislation applied to the different areas of law.

This is the only way to guarantee that the student of the course will achieve an optimal learning objective.

We will study the main language skills involved in mastering the language:

  • Oral comprehension
  • Written comprehension
  • Oral expression
  • Written Expression

But we will provide the course with the level of exclusivity and professionalism necessary so that in a specific way the students manage to master the Spanish used in law.

Our program consists of 30 hours per week. Within these school hours the student will have:

  • 25 hours of general Spanish
  • 5 hours of law-specific Spanish. These classes are given in an individual way, deepening completely in the specific matter and managing to optimize the course to the maximum.

How are the teachers of the Spanish course?

The level of specialisation of the teaching staff is maximum. Not only are they professionals in the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language, but they also have a great knowledge of the law, which is necessary in order to transmit to the student the ability to master this area.

How long does this Spanish course last?

Our ability to adapt to the needs of the student is maximum. For this reason, we have Spanish law courses starting from 1 week. Evidently, our advice is to spend a minimum of 2 weeks, to achieve a significant advance.

Anyway, you can add the number of weeks you consider appropriate.

Do I have any complementary activities with this course?

Of course I do. If you wish, you can enrol in the complete programme of socio-cultural activities that we propose on a weekly basis.

The activities are aimed at facilitating the interrelationship of students to make the most of what they have learned in class, putting all their knowledge of the Spanish language into practice in real situations.

An example of activities would be:

  • Evening outings to pubs
  • Sport: football, beach volleyball, basketball, bicycle rides, etc.
  • Guided visits to the main points of interest in Valencia
  • Possibility of registering for the proposed excursions

Where will I stay during this Spanish course?

We offer you various types of accommodation, adapted to your needs and possibilities.

Accommodation in apartment

Both shared and individual. Always adapted to your needs. A formula for total independence.

Hotel Accommodation

If you want a high degree of independence, while enjoying all kinds of comforts, we propose this possibility of accommodation. We select the right hotels for your needs and possibilities.

Accommodation in residence

You will have all kinds of comforts, being able to lodge in shared or individual room, according to your preferences.

What will I get with this specialized Spanish course in law?

With this specialized Spanish course in law you will be able to master the English specific to your profession, in a fluent and consolidated way. You will broaden your professional horizons and enrich yourself personally, while enjoying a unique environment such as Valencia.

The course has:

  • 30 Spanish lessons per week
  • Accommodation in residence, apartment or even hotel, depending on the option chosen
  • Programme of complementary activities
  • Weekend excursions
  • 24-hour emergency phone number
  • Supervisor Get Up Languages
  • Certificate of Attendance and Course Achievement
  • Ages 22 and over
  • Start every Monday of the year

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