Project Description

A Spanish course specially designed for non-native teachers of Spanish in accordance with the standards proposed by the Council of Europe.

What is the Spanish programme for teachers?

With approximately 572 million speakers as a first or second language being testament to the growing importance of the Spanish language worldwide we have designed a Spanish course for teachers of Spanish as an additional language.

It is a course in which teachers will share and collaborate with colleagues from different backgrounds: nationalities, experiences, teaching and communicative techniques, and they will learn, above all, to teach Spanish with appropriate and proven methodologies.

What does the Spanish course for teachers include?

Our programme is developed around the mastery of the main communicative skills of the language, that is to say, oral expression, written expression, oral comprehension and written comprehension. But much more, we explore various pedagogies used by teachers to then apply advanced techniques to the teaching of Spanish.

The course is aimed at developing practical aspects of interactivity and communication for non-native Spanish teachers. At the same time, anticipation of possible problems that may arise in ELE classes are evaluated.

I am a Spanish teacher, what will the course bring me?

A professional, insightful and very practical vision. Our Spanish teachers achieve an advanced teaching level and are qualified to teach to students whose first language is not Spanish.

At the same time, we work on the communicative aspects for the classroom, deepening the teaching of Content and Language Integrated Teaching (CLIL) classes.

What extra costs will I have with this course?

All our budgets and prices are as quoted. We value transparency and we want the students of our Spanish school to feel comfortable and to have the certainty of fixed pricing from the outset.

What are the features of the Spanish course for teachers?

With our Spanish programme for teachers we seek to cover the main aspects of language teaching with emphasis on:

  • Lexicon
  • Grammar in an ELE class
  • Development through the use of games
  • The importance of the cultural aspect in an ELE class
  • Error corrections – in real time or delayed
  • Uses of subjunctives
  • Uses of the past tense
  • Verb Differentiation

Elements here cover typical problems for students, our goal is to achieve techniques focused on anticipation and resolutions.

How will I benefit as a Spanish teacher?

We pay special attention to each member of the group. The classes have a very small student body which favours personalised and appropriate attention to everyone.

We focus on explaining and transmitting the main aspects of the methodologies of teaching Spanish, sharing our own experience and ensuring that each of the teachers in the course assimilate the concepts.

We have a course of 20 lessons per week for teachers. Each of these lessons has an approximate duration of 55 minutes. With this, the teachers have free time to participate in the activities proposed by the centre on a weekly basis.

When can I start the course?

This type of highly exclusive course is held on very specific dates spread throughout the year. We start in January, with start dates in May, August and October.

As for the duration of the programme, you can enrol on the program for one week or more.

In short, we offer you a Spanish programme aimed at teachers, university students and professionals with degrees and CELTA or TESOL qualifications or equivalent.

Where will I stay during this Spanish course for teachers?

We offer various types of accommodation adapted to your needs and requirements.

Accommodation in residence

The independence that the residence offers you is the obvious advantage of this type of accommodation. You will have all the expected comforts, being able to lodge in a shared or individual room, according to your preferences.

Accommodation in an apartment

Both shared and individual. Always adapted to your needs. A formula for complete independence.

Hotel Accommodation

If you prefer to enjoy the degree of independence and additional comfort, hotel accommodation is a perfect choice.

We have agreements with hotels in the city, which will offer discounted rates for our students.

In short, what characterizes this Spanish course for teachers?

A programme designed for teaching professionals to acquire a much broader knowledge of teaching methodologies of Spanish in which practice plays a fundamental role.

The course is characterized by:

  • Spanish course for teaching professionals
  • Programme from one week or more
  • 24-hour emergency phone number
  • Course and Accommodation Supervisor
  • Free access to the programme of activities proposed by the educational establishment
  • Access to all centre facilities
  • Ages 22 and over
  • Minimum level required B1, B2
  • Maximum number of students per class: 8

Also a practical aspect for the programme, in which the teacher will carry out a complete educational task in an authentic situation where he or she will be able to put into practice everything learnt in class.

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