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Taking a full school year in Spain is the most complete way for a young person to immerse themselves in the country’s culture, master the language, make new friends, and broaden their professional horizons by optimising their curriculum.

What is the academic year in Spain?

We offer you a complete school year in a Spanish school.  For the duration of the course your son or daughter will be an additional student on roll, taking part in all the classes and activities as organised by the school.

He or she will, of course, access the corresponding school year of their country of origin, and at the year’s end they will be able to validate it in a simplified way as directed by Get Up Idiomas.

What are the schools like in Spain?

For spending an academic year in Spain you have three options to choose from

Public school

These are co-ed or mixed, inclusive schools, in which the educational system demands a high intermediate level.  There are no extra costs for the student beyond the academic material required for some classes.

Private school

If the chosen option is a private school, the academic year will be at a higher cost. The sector is relatively small in Spain as much of the sector is dedicated to Bi-lingual education or predominant learning in an additional language such as English or French.  However Spanish private schools can afford more choice for the student, as unlike with public schools, the schools can be selected in according to more exacting criteria. You can also choose whether this is a mixed school or single sex.

‘Concertado’ school

Concertado schools are a hybrid option – predominantly public funded but including an element of parental contributions. This type of school is generally considered affordable and very well regarded, with a good level of facilities or ‘installations’ and with an accompanying high level of progress and general attainment.

Whatever the choice, Get Up Spain will provide advice at all times and take you by the hand throughout the process, so that you feel fully supported to live an authentic school experience in Spain.

What are the characteristics of academic courses in Spain?

The school years in Spain begin in the second week of September, around the 5th to the 13th of the month. The courses usually conclude towards the last week of June, around the 24th.

There are a few of standard holiday periods when the schools are closed. These periods are Christmas, Easter and summer. There are also shorter periods, from two to three days during the course, depending on the festivities of each Community.

During their stay, students will have a personal tutor at all times who will supervise and guide them so that you that are fully supported both academically pastorally. In addition, Get Up Spain offers you a 24-hour telephone service which can be used in the event of any unforeseen issues.

A Get Up Spain supervisor will always provide additional duty of care and so will always be looking out for the student, liaising with the tutor regarding progress reports, and forwarding these to the student’s parents on a regular basis.

Can the course be validated?

As a general rule we can assure families that student progress achieved during the school year abroad can be fully validated for return to the home country except in the rare exceptions where reciprocal recognition agreements between to host country and Spain are not in place.

In any case, information, advice and guidance on the validation process will continue as part of the ongoing support from Get Up Idiomas after the course finishes.

Can we do a shorter school year?

Of course, Get Up offers other possibilities, such as school term or semesters. In these cases, again the validation system is also usually automatic and so alleviates any parental concerns.

How far in advance do I have to confirm my course?

In order to prepare courses correctly, it is necessary that you tell us in advance which course you wish to enrol on, always based on what curriculum you are studying in the country of origin.  Typically public and concertado schools calculate available places from applications submitted in May for a September start.  We would then advise making your enquiries before this time.

We will quickly get to work to be able to offer the family a programme suited to the student’s needs, levels of study, age and preferences regarding the type, and characteristics, of the school you wish to attend.

In addition, we will need you to send us reports on your grades and a full school report, as required by schools in Spain when enrolling a foreign student.

Where will I stay during my school year?

The best accommodation formula for this academic programme is homestay accommodation.

Staying with a family gives students full immersion into the Spanish way of life.  They will feel like a member of the family and be a genuine participant in the Spanish community.

Homestay Families are, of course, fully vetted and evaluated beforehand with reference to established legal safeguarding procedures. In this way we ensure that the accommodation during your stay is at an optimum. However a Get Up Idiomas supervisor will always be at hand to intervene in the event of any incident, misunderstanding or any other problem.

Visiting students will also benefit from full participation in their host family’s social life – activities, excursions and possible trips.

Participating families usually have children around the same age as visiting students and they can also see great value in the forging of international friendships.  These will help you integrate into their own friendship groups.

Our experience assures us that true and enduring bonds of friendship are established between students and host families which last far beyond the student’s stay in Spain.

As for the ages and levels recommended for this course, we set the minimum age at 13 years. It is also advisable that the student’s level of Spanish is at least intermediate in order to take proper advantage of the programme.

We are talking about some of the most complete programmes that a student of Spanish can get the most out of. Students will be empowered to broaden their minds, enrich themselves culturally and to speak, then master Spanish completely through Content and Language Integrated Learning. In addition, valuable ‘points’ will be earned for students Curriculum Vitaes and personal references, opening up professional opportunities for the future.

In this full academic year programme you’ll have:

  • Accommodation and School Supervisor
  • Full board host family accommodation
  • Complete school year
  • Tutor at the school
  • Airport transfer service included
  • Report Cards and Pastoral updates
  • 24-hour telephone to solve any type of incident

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