Project Description

A Spanish summer course designed for young students and developed in Valencia – a unique environment with a Mediterranean flavour. You will learn Spanish and have an unforgettable experience.

Do you want a Spanish course that combines classes with exciting activities and excursions aimed at making the most of an environment such as Valencia?

We propose a programme specifically designed for young Spanish students, ideally between 12 and 17 years old, accessible to all levels of knowledge of the language. But, what characterizes this course the most is the extraordinary offer of planned activities. A complete excursion programme will also provide the definite superior Spanish course experience.

What is the Summer Camp Spanish course like?

We are talking about a Spanish course specifically designed to achieve complete advancement in the main language skills:

  • Oral expression
  • Oral comprehension
  • Written comprehension
  • Writing

A course taught by highly qualified teachers able to draw on long experience of facilitating engaging and effective learning.

What is the Summer Camp accommodation in Spain like?

The best formula to get the most out of this programme is homestay.

The families chosen for this program are specially selected, vetted using standard legal safeguarding procedures. The settling in period is then evaluated to ensure that the student is perfectly integrating into it.

The duration of this Spanish programme, which combines classes focussing on both accuracy and fluency with complementary activities, is from 1 week extendable up to up to 4 weeks.

In the Get Up Spain Summer Camp you can find really attractive activities that will make the stay of the young person in Valencia a wonderful experience:

  • Sports
  • Cultural visits
  • Volunteer Programme
  • Team building
  • Full day excursions
  • Voluntary activities
  • Guided Tours

Do you want a Spanish course delivered as a summer camp?

Our Summer Camp programme offers you the possibility of advancing student knowledge of the Spanish language. Students will learn to communicate fluently and to understand general conversations.

Our Spanish course focuses on developing the main linguistic skills of the language so that, in a practical way, students are enabled to advance in the Spanish language and feel confident when communicating in it.

The classroom based part of the course develops the following linguistic skills:

Oral expression

students will be able to speak both functional and conversational Spanish in order to be able to communicate in general situations.


students will learn to write in Spanish with competence and confidence on topics of varied interest at intermediate level.


students will be able to develop their reading skills – skimming, scanning and reading for a fuller understanding with a variety of texts – documents, emails, media, information and books up to a medium-high level with total ease.


likewise students will better understand intermediate-plus levels of conversations through exposure to both graded and authentic listenings in a completely natural way.


Classes take place from Monday to Friday, usually in the morning, thus leaving afternoons dedicated to the proposed activities.

Students have 18 weekly lessons of approximately 50 minutes each. The maximum number of students per class is 12, thus ensuring full participation from all.

The teachers, at all times, are dedicated to the promotion of oral agility through student participation, using a range of methods to inject pace an dynamism into the classroom. General, relevant and engaging topics are used to introduce vocabulary and grammar in context supporting the classes with didactic material.

When the student arrives at the centre, he or she is assessed by a Spanish level to aid classroom placement.

What activities does the Summer Camp have – delivered in Spanish?

A fundamental part of the programme are the activities that take place parallel to the course.

We propose, on a weekly basis, a set of choices for students to register for. Predominantly these are free with others offered at a reduced cost.

Example of activities:

  • Sports: basketball, rugby, football, beach volleyball,…
  • Cultural visits: museums, theatres, cinemas, historical places of the city of Valencia and surroundings,…
  • Full day excursions: Alicante, Benidorm, Altea, Peñíscola,…
  • Beach day: a full day on the beach area of Valencia, to enjoy the weather, the sun and the beach. A Mediterranean experience.
  • Cooking experience: a day of experience learning to cook Valencian paella. Step by step, in an unbeatable environment.

What accommodation will I find at the Summer Camp?

The ideal accommodation for this Spanish summer course in Valencia is with a host family.

Our families are selected based on carefully chosen criteria for suitability, commitment and stability. They have to meet a strict vetting process that guarantee that we are collaborating with a family genuinely interested in welcoming a foreign student for a while at their homes.

Families share absolutely everything. Day by day, excursions, trips, appointments with friends, … The student will feel totally integrated and will live as a family member experiencing a typical Spanish lifestyle.

An important factor is the short distance from the home-stay households to the Spanish language school. All our homestay accommodations are at a distance of less than 20 minutes walk from the educational centre, thus alleviating any unnecessary inconvenience.

Accommodation is half-board so the student will have breakfast and dinner with the family. During the day, the student will eat at the centre or nearby.

During weekends, if the student so wishes, he or she will be able to share the experiences of the family. Excursions, visits, meetings with friends,…

However, in most cases, the student will share a family with another student, of the same nationality or of a different one according to preference.

Homestay accommodation offers the full immersion experience in Spain. It is the optimum formula to learn Spanish in a naturalistic setting, participating in real situations, in a safe environment and in a very welcoming atmosphere.

Get Up Spain’s Summer Camp aims to offer a unique, highly satisfactory and profitable experience in relation to effective language learning.

Our maximum efforts are aimed at ensuring the general well-being of the student – that they are enabled at all times to best enjoy and achieve in a safe and supportive environment.

Our Summer Camp Spanish course includes:

  • Dates: July and August
  • Ages: from 12 to 17 years old
  • Levels: all levels
  • Duration of the course: maximum duration of 4 weeks
  • Lessons per week: 18 lessons of 50 minutes
  • Maximum number of students per class: 12
  • Accommodation: host family with half board
  • Programme of activities included
  • Airport transfer included
  • Course and accommodation supervisor included
  • 24-hour telephone assistance included
  • Best Price Guarantee Included

Join Get Up Spain and learn spanish having fun!

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