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Get Up Spain offers you a course that combines Spanish classes with work experience. All this developed within a very dynamic and professional environment.

Are you interested in a Spanish language immersion course through work experience in Spain? Get Up Spain offers you a course that combines Spanish classes with work experience. All this developed within a very dynamic and professional environment.

The Work & Study Spanish course perfectly combines teaching hours so that you can learn Spanish with a highly qualified, motivated and experienced teaching staff, with real work experience in a professional environment within a Spanish company.

What internships does this Spanish course have?

Get Up Spain covers different areas of work, so that you can freely choose the ones that best match your needs and objectives.

In general we have work environments oriented to:

  • Translation of web pages
  • Marketing and IT
  • Business areas
  • Advertising and communication agencies
  • Legal departments

Of course, these are just a few examples of possible areas of work but, in any case, Get Up Spain has the ability to search for and contact companies in the specific sector that meet your objectives.

Our study and work programme in Valencia also has the constant supervision of a member of Get Up Spain, who is in charge of ensuring that the programme is properly implemented at all times and that your work practices are meeting your expectations.

Initially we talked about a 4 week program, although, of course, we offer you the possibility of increasing the number of weeks of your course if you need it.

In this Spanish for foreigners program you will practice the main language skills: reading, listening, writing and writing. This way we are offering you a course totally adapted to your needs and with guarantee of learning.

What does the Work & Study program mean?

  1. An ideal formula for learning Spanish in a professional environment.
  2. An opportunity to open up your future career possibilities.
  3. Learn Spanish specific to your professional area.
  4. A possibility to increase your network of professional contacts.
  5. Enjoy a unique environment such as Valencia.

What does the course Study and Work in Spanish consist of?

We propose you a course of 4 weeks duration, extendable if you need it. The programme consists of 5 lessons per week, of approximately 120 minutes duration per lesson, in the morning or afternoon, according to your choice.

This program is aimed at students aged 14 and over and upon arrival the student will be assessed with a Spanish level test to assess which class they should be enrolled in, with the aim of optimising their stay to the maximum.

Of course, classes take place from Monday to Friday. In any case, the course study and work in Spanish offers to combine study with work experience and, of course, free time that allows you to enjoy the wonderful environment that constitutes Valencia.

All classes are taught by highly qualified, experienced and highly motivated teachers. All our teachers are absolutely committed to the development of the classes.

The Spanish course starts any Monday of the year, so you will be able to adapt your calendar perfectly to the moment you are most interested in doing it.

What is the Spanish school like?

The center where we teach the course has all kinds of comforts and is perfectly prepared for the teaching of Spanish.

The facilities are modern and fully equipped. In addition the center has:

  • Multimedia room
  • Free access library for students
  • Latest generation slates
  • Common area where you can interact with other students
  • The maximum number of students per class is 8, although the average number of students is usually 5.
  • What programmed activities does this Spanish course contemplate?
  • At the beginning of the week we propose a series of complementary activities, most of them free of charge, to which the student can register optionally.
  • Among the activities that we include, the following stand out:
  • Visits to points of interest in the city
  • Excursions to nearby places
  • Cultural visits to museums, theatres and cinemas
  • Beach Day
  • Gastronomic events: paella day
  • Organization of sports events

Where can I stay for this Study and Work course in Valencia?

For this particular course we have two accommodation possibilities.

Homestay Accommodation

There is no doubt that homestay accommodation is the perfect formula for a total immersion of Spanish in Spain. You will live with all the members of the same one and you will participate of the day to day of the family, like one more.

In most cases a close bond of friendship is established between the families and the students, a friendship that lasts over time, well beyond the duration of the program.

All families are previously evaluated and selected. Subsequently, a Get Up Spain supervisor is responsible for visiting and ensuring the proper functioning of the student’s stay.

Accommodation in residence

Residential accommodation offers a number of differences from homestay accommodation. You will enjoy greater independence, you will meet students from other nationalities and you will have greater freedom of time.

In both cases it is possible to choose a single or shared room, depending on the student’s preferences.

Accommodation in host family and residence includes a half-board regime in which the student will have breakfast and dinner in their own accommodation. The food, however, will be outside.

All our families are within walking distance of the school to facilitate the transport of the student. We’re talking about a maximum walking distance of 20 minutes. The same applies to our residential accommodation.

Accommodation in apartment

This programme of study and work in Spain also offers the possibility of opting for accommodation in an apartment. The possibilities are either in an individual apartment or in an apartment shared with another person.

If you choose this last option you should know that meals are not included and therefore, you must organize yourself in that sense.

This type of accommodation is especially designed for students over 25 years of age.

When can I do my Study and Work course in Valencia?

The course starts every Monday of the year. Thanks to this, you will be able to adapt your calendar perfectly to the dates that best suit your plans.

The duration of the course, as mentioned above, is 4 weeks, which can be longer if the student needs it.

The price of the course starts from 1.250 euros in case of not choosing accommodation and from 1.620 euros in case of needing accommodation.

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