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The city of Valencia has a rich cultural heritage. The third Spanish city in number of inhabitants offers us up to 35 different museums, of all the types and for all the tastes: art, history, culture, sciences, animals, etc.
The museums and monuments of the Valencia City Council are free every Sunday and public holiday.
Come and learn Spanish in Valencia and you will enjoy a unique cultural experience.
Viva Valencia!

Bioparc of Valencia

It is an animal park that has been designed under the concept of zoo-immersion.
We approach animals without visible barriers as if we were in the original places of the species. An amazing experience!

Oceanográfico of Valencia

It is the largest aquarium in Europe, representing the main marine ecosystems of the planet.
It has 24 million liters of water and a depth of 10.5 meters. In it we can study and understand the behavior and way of life of the 500 different species that it shelters.
Discover new things!

City of Arts and Sciences of Valencia

It is, surely, the most representative symbol of the city. It is a complex of futuristic architecture composed of several buildings.
The Príncipe Felipe Science Museum is one of them and offers us a fun interactive visit in which we will discover the evolution of technological and scientific developments to the present day.


The Valencian Museum of Enlightenment and Modernity was built on the remains of some old buildings, the most important of which have been preserved.
The museum exhibits reference movements in contemporary art and the development of avant-garde concepts and ideas.

Museum of Fine Arts

The museum is considered one of the most important art galleries in Spain.
It houses the artistic works of famous painters such as Joanes, Espinosa, Ribera, Velázquez, Murillo, Goya, Pinazo, Sorolla, etc.

Paleontological Museum

The museum offers a journey through different eras to discover the evolution of landscapes and ecosystems throughout history.
We can study the history of life and its evolution.

National Museum of Ceramics

Spain is famous for its traditional ceramics and mosaics and the Valencian Community has a great tradition in this field. It is the ideal place to learn all the secrets and see some examples of this traditional art.

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