Project Description

A Spanish course aimed at improving the pronunciation of the language, from any level and with total guarantee of learning.

What does this Spanish pronunciation programme consist of?

In the context of the growing importance of the Spanish language around the world – with approximately 572 million speakers as a first or second language – and the need for students to improve the use of Spanish at all levels, we have developed a specialised programme for progress in pronunciation.

The oral expression is, of course, one of the four main skills of the language and a fundamental part of the communicative fluidity.

Of course, any participant of this programme can complement the course with another one that Get Up makes available to its students: intensive, super intensive, general, specific, etc.

Who is this Spanish programme aimed at?

This is a pronunciation course aimed at all students of the language who have an intermediate level. In this way we ensure that the objective of comprehending and mastering pronunciation is assimilated effectively.

Any student, be they a professional, a university student or a young person interested in learning Spanish, will find in this course a valuable staging post in achieving a greater objective: to master the Spanish language as completely as possible.

The age for participation starts at 18, with an average age of around 23 to 25 approximately.

Does this programme have any extra costs?

No. All our Spanish as an additional language courses  are budgeted for and costed as advertised. In this way we guarantee that the student will not incur unexpected expenses.

What is the Spanish pronunciation course like?

We offer you a complete programme designed to ensure that you speak fluently and confidently. We make sure that you understand and assimilate the correct Spanish pronunciation, and we show you how pronunciation is adapted to different situations and contexts.

The course consists of 10 weekly lessons, divided into 2 daily lessons, lasting approximately 55 minutes.

Classes take place in our school and are held in very small groups. In this way we are able to encourage full participation from of each member of the class.

The teacher adopts a methodology of instant correction for students as they participate in discussions and debates on topical issues.

What is the teaching team of the course like?

We have highly qualified Spanish native teachers with specialisms in teaching Spanish as a foreign language.

Our teachers are highly experienced teachers and so can effectively anticipate and correct any interferences from the first language (L1) of foreign students.

Are complementary activities important?

Get Up offers a complete programme of complementary activities aimed at encouraging the participation of all students in the centre. In this way we achieve effective interrelationships and enrichment at both the educational and personal levels for each and every one of our students.

We strongly recommend that the students of this Spanish pronunciation course take advantage of these activities in order to put into practice what they have learned in class in a real environment where improved comprehension can be properly gauged.

Duration of the Spanish Pronunciation Course

The course has a minimum duration of 1 week, and can be extended for the period of time that the student deems appropriate.

Classes start every Monday throughout the year, allowing students to enrol according to their desires.

Where will I stay during this Spanish course?

We offer you various types of accommodation, adapted to your needs and circumstances.

Homestay accommodation

A formula that ensures true immersion in the Spanish culture. You will live with a welcoming Spanish family, participating in their social activities, their visits and excursions and their day-to-day life becoming a surrogate member.

Accommodation in residence

You will be able to take advantage of all kinds of comforts, being able to lodge in shared or individual room, according to your preferences.

Accommodation in an apartment

Both shared and individual. Always adapted to your needs. A formula for total independence.

What will I get with this Spanish pronunciation course?

You will achieve from the beginning a significant advance in the mastery of the Spanish language, you will accelerate your communicative facets in Spanish in real situations and you will feel increasingly confident when speaking in public in situations that require the use of the Spanish language.

The course has:

  • 10 Spanish lessons per week
  • Accommodation in residence, apartment or even family, depending on the option chosen
  • Programme of complementary activities
  • Weekend excursions
  • 24-hour emergency phone number
  • Get Up Languages Supervisor
  • Certificate of Attendance and Course Achievement
  • Ages 18 and over
  • Start every Monday of the year

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